How To Properly Clean A Levoit Core Air Purifier

Levoit Core Air Purifiers are easy to clean. Simply wipe the outer side with a soft dry/damp cloth. The inside can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner, while a soft brush should be used on the pre-filter. Never use any liquids, abrasive chemicals or soap on your Levoit air purifier.

Levoit Air purifiers remove contaminants from your home flawlessly, providing you with fresh air for breathing. However, if your Levoit Air Purifier is not regularly cleaned it stops purifying the air efficiently and can disperse contaminants back into your room.

This guide explains how to quickly and easily clean your Levoit Core Purifier, while also answering some common maintenance questions.

How to Clean a Levoit Core Air Purifier

Cleaning all of the Levoit Core series air purifiers essentially follows the same steps.

The True HEPA and high efficiency activated Carbon filters require no cleaning (YAY!). You simply have to replace them every 6-8 months, depending on the model.

Filter life of Levoit Core air purifiers. Most are 6-8 months, except the mini (4-6 months) and the 400S and 600S (6-12 months).
Filter life of Levoit Core Air Purifiers. Image created for

A filter indicator will light up to remind you to check your air filter.

Depending on how often you use your purifier, the filter indicator should turn on at around 6-8 months (except for the 400S, 600S and mini). It’s not essential to replace your filter when the filter indicator lights up, but you must CHECK your filter to see if it needs replacing – this is also why the filter life is usually a range and not a hard number.

1. Cleaning the outer side

  • Unplug your Air Purifier before cleaning.
  • Wipe the outer side of your air purifier using a damp cloth, and then immediately dry it. Don’t use any abrasive chemicals or flammable cleaning agents.

2. Cleaning the inner side

  • For cleaning the inner side of the air purifier, use a vacuum cleaner. To increase the efficiency and life of the filter, it is best to clean the outer pre-filter every two to four weeks.
  • Use a vacuum hose or a soft brush to remove dust, hair, or other entrapped large particles in the pre-filter. Don’t use water or any other liquid to clean the air filter.

3. Cleaning the Air quality sensor

Dust can accumulate in the air quality sensor, and stop working correctly. So, it’s usually best if you clean it regularly.

To clean the air quality sensor:

  • Open the sensor cover to access the air quality sensor.
  • Clean the sensor lens using a damp cotton swab.
  • Then dry the sensor lens using a dry cotton swab.
  • Once you’re done, close the sensor cover.

4. Cleaning the Pre-Filter

To clean the Pre-Filter use a soft brush or vacuum hose. Take extra care to remove any dust or hair.

  • Do not clean the Pre-Filter with water or soap.
  • Clean the Pre-Filter every 2-4 weeks.

How to Reset a Levoit Air Purifier

Over time, the filters in an air purifier become saturated and need replacing. After replacing your filter, you will need to reset your purifier.

To reset your air purifier, you’ll have to follow the following steps.

Resetting the Check Filter Indicator When It Lights Up (Signal for filter change)

  • Replace the air filters.
  • Plug in the air purifier and turn it on.
  • Then press the filter reset button and hold it for 3 seconds while the air purifier is on standby. The filter reset button will turn off, indicating that the rest is complete.

Resetting the Check Filter Indicator Before It Lights Up (Filter changed before receiving signal)

  • Turn on the air purifier.
  • Press and hold the filter rest button for three seconds, and the filter reset button will light up.
  • Press and hold the same button again for another three seconds. This will turn off the light, indicating a successful reset.

Reset Button Positions On Different Core Series Air Purifiers

Here are the reset button positions on different versions of Levoit Core Air Purifiers.

Levoit Core Air PurifierReset Button Location
Levoit Core 200S, Smart True HEPA Air PurifierJust below the ON/Off Button
Levoit Core 300 True HEPA Air PurifierNext to ‘Display Lock Button’ and above ‘ Display Off Button.’
Levoit Core 300S Smart True HEPA Air PurifierJust below the on/off button
Levoit Pet Care True HEPA Air Purifier Model:  Core P350 Next to ‘Pet Lock Button’ and above ‘Display Off Button.’
Levoit PlasmaPro™ 400S Smart True HEPA Air PurifierJust below PM2.5/Timer Display and besides Display Lock Indicator
Levoit VeSync Core™ 400S Smart True HEPA Air PurifierNext to ‘Timer Button’ and below the ‘Sleep Mode Button.’
Levoit VeSync Core™ 600S Smart True HEPA Air PurifierAbove the ‘Timer Button’ and below the ‘Sleep Mode Button.’
Levoit Core Mini Smart True HEPA Air PurifierAbove the fan speed indicator (‘ii’).
Location of reset buttons on Levoit core air purifiers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Levoit Air Purifier Not Powering On?

If your Levoit Air Purifier is not powering on after pressing the power-on button, there is usually a problem with the

  • Power Cord
  • Power outlet
  • Power rating

First, confirm that the cable is plugged in properly.

Then rule out a damaged power outlet. Plug your power cord into another outlet and see if it’s working.

Incorrect power rating (the total electrical power required by an air purifier to work correctly) is a possible cause of your air purifier not powering on. Levoit Air Purifiers require 45-65W power at 120V/60Hz for appropriate functioning. Double check the power output of the outlet you are using

If your power cord is damaged, nothing else will work; stop using it immediately and contact customer support.

If your power cord seems fine and you can’t find any apparent reason for your Levoit Air Purifier not turning on, it means there is a problem with one of the internal components.

Plentiful Air has an in-depth guide on all the reasons why your air purifier may not be working available here.

Why Is My Levoit Air Purifier Display Not Working?

A Levoit air purifier display not working either means the unit needs to be reset, or the display itself is damaged. Try to reset the puriifer and then contact customer support if there is no change in your display.

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