Author – Theresa Orr

Theresa Orr is an Earth Scientist who specializes in determining past climates from rocks – fossilized soil to be precise.

Theresa Orr

She has a passion for clean water, soil and air and has a deep understanding of geochemistry and how it can impact us in our day to day lives.

After completing her Bachelor of Science (Geology) with Class I Honors, Theresa worked with the state Department of Environment and Science to assess how mines, quarries, water treatment facilities and farms were impacting the environment.

Theresa Orr getting ready to underground at a Copper mine.
Theresa Orr in an analytical laboratory, conducting element analysis.

She worked with stakeholders and government officials to ensure our environment was not harmed and that our water, soil and air were not being contaminated.

Theresa also looked after some special projects, including an exciting new concept of rehabilitating an old mine and turning its open pits into hydro damns to generate clean energy.

Over time, Theresa noticed that while there is a lot of scientific information available to the general public, most of it is not in an easy to read format. She enjoys answering peoples questions and providing them with a breakdown of the science that is easy to understand.

Theresa especially enjoys answering contaminant questions, including anything about asbestos, heavy metals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Theresa Orr in the field.
Theresa Orr in the field at a Quarry.

Theresa has since returned to university to complete her doctorate and spends her time writing for, and

You can read more about Theresa’s research on ResearchGate or LinkedIn – Happy reading!

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