Reasons Why A Hoover Vacuum Light Is Red – And How To Fix It

Almost 5 million Hoover vacuums are purchased each year by Americans. However, during use, the red light on the Hoover may flash red and require maintenance.

A red light on a Hoover vacuum indicates either the brush is jammed, the dirt cup is full, the filters are dirty, or the carpet height setting is incorrect. Other reasons include the valve dial being partially turned and not in the proper mode.

This guide will go over all the reasons why a Hoover vacuum light is red, how to reset a Hoover vacuum, how to reset a Hoover vacuum battery and most importantly how to turn on a Hoover vacuum cleaner.

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5 Reasons why a Hoover vacuum light is red

There are various reasons why a Hoover vacuum may illuminate or flash red. This article applies to the following Hoover vacuum cleaners.

  • Hoover UH72600 upright vacuum.
  • Hoover BH55500 Cordless Vacuum.
  • Hoover BH53420 Stick Vacuum.
  • Hoover FH53000 Carpet Cleaner.
  • Hoover FH4100 and FH41010 Hard Floor Cleaners.

Because each model has unique characteristics, the cause and solution for the red light may vary slightly – these differences are highlighted in each section.

Here are the reasons why a Hoover vacuum may illuminate red.

1. The brush is jammed.

Hoover vacuums use brushes that can easily become jammed during cleaning for a variety of reasons.

In the cleaning head that houses the revolving brushes, debris, hair, and threads often become tangled around the bristles.

If the Charge indicator light flashes red and the Hoover turns off, there is a high probability that the brush is jammed.

Usually, this is the result of a clog or build-up of debris around the brush roll, which prevents it from turning. When this happens, the power will be turned off and the charge light will flash red.

The solution is to remove and clean the brushes. However, with time, the brushes can also become worn and cleaning will be insufficient. In these circumstances the brushes will need to be replaced – these are readily available from Amazon, some common ones are provided below, alternatively you can find your model from the Hoover store on

Hoover Block, 6 Brush for FH40010, FB40010B, FH4003

Hoover Brushroll, Wind Tunnel Pro

Brushroll, 12-1/4 Inch Windtunnel

Hoover Brush Block, 5 Bristle Extractor Green

If the brush roll is simply clogged, you will need to clean and unclog it before proceeding with vacuuming, following these steps:


  • Switch the power off and unplug your Hoover vacuum.
  • Place the Hoover vacuum in a standing position.
  • For the Hoover model, UH72600 upright vacuum, turn the vacuum over so the bottom side is facing up and remove all the screws.
  • Remove any dirt and/or hair from the brushroll by pivoting the bottom plate away from the hidden clasp.
  • Replace the bottom plate, align the latch, and tighten all of the screws.
  • To ensure that it is correctly locked, press hard at the latch region.
  • For Model BH55500 Cordless Vacuums, to get to the power head nozzle, lay the unit flat. To remove the baseplate from the power head, remove the 7 screws.
  • Remove the brushroll belt and brushroll from the power head nozzle’s retaining channels.
  • Rotate both of the brushroll’s plastic black end caps to a single notch “NORMAL” position. Replace the power head nozzle into the holding channels.
  • Put the brushroll belt back together.
  • Try spinning the brushroll manually to make sure it spins freely.
  • To fasten the baseplate to the power head nozzle, replace the 7 screws.
  • To release the brush roll on the BH53420 stick vacuum, remove the batteries and push and turn the brush roll lock counterclockwise with your fingers or a coin.
  • With the pull tabs, pull the brush roll out of the nozzle.
  • Slide the blade of a pair of scissors into the groove of the brush roll and cut along the groove to remove any dirt, debris, or hair. Remove any dirt and debris from the nozzle’s end caps and inside the housing.
  • Replace the brush roll in the nozzle and lock it by turning the brush roll lock clockwise.
  • To avoid leaks on a Hoover vacuum model FH53000 carpet cleaner, remove the clean water tank first, then the clean water tank, and then the solution tank to access the brushes.
  • Remove the nozzle while holding the handles upright.
  • To remove the brushes, reach for them and pull them up.
  • Under running water, clean the brushes and replace them according to your specific user manual‘s instructions.
  • For models FH4100 and FH41010, place the unit in an upright position.
  • To release brushes, pull the brush release tabs away from the device.
  • Before reinstalling, give it a good rinse and let it dry. To do so, align the brush connector post with the slots and snap it into place.

2. The dirt cap is full or clogged.

A common reason why for a red light on a Hoover vacuum is because the dirt cap is full or clogged.

During cleaning, the Hoover vacuum collects dirt from your home and stores it in a dirt cap, which flashes red when it is full. Empty the dirt cup before it reaches the max line to preserve optimum performance.


  • Switch the power off and unplug your Hoover vacuum.
  • Before removing the dirt cup, make sure the vacuum is upright.
  • For model UH72600, press the dirt cup release button and pivot the cup out.
  • To open the dirt cup door, place it over the trash receptacle and push the dirt cup door release lever.
  • Close the dirt cup’s lid.
  • To fasten the front, press hard.
  • First, place the bottom of the dirt cup into the vacuum body. Insert the dirt cup into the vacuum body and firmly press it in place.
  • For the BH55500 model, to remove the bag dock from the port, unzip the filtration bag case and pull the cardboard collar downward.
  • Pull the filter bag’s cardboard collar up to engage the self-sealing lock and remove it from the bag dock and discard it.
  • Slide a new filtration bag collar into the bag dock, making that all of the dock door’s hooks are inserted into the cardboard collar.
  • Upturn the bag dock and firmly press the filter bag into place at the appropriate spots until it snaps into place.
  • For model BH53420, first, remove the battery pack.
  • Remove the battery pack from the BH53420 model.
  • Remove the hand vacuum with the dust chaser.
  • To remove the dirt cap, press down on the dirt cap release button and pivot outward.
  • Remove the divider. Wipe the metal screen clean of dirt and debris using a soft cloth.
  • Place the dirt in the garbage can.
  • Reinstall the separator and the dirt cup until it clicks into place.

3. Dirty filters.

Dirty filters is a frequent reason for a Hoover vacuum System Check Indicator to be red. When the vacuum cleaner is used, it obviously becomes dirty or clogged with dust, dirt, hair, pet dander or debris and will require cleaning.

Under regular use, filters should be cleaned at least every two months to maintain optimal performance. Most Hoover vacuum filters can be washed as they are ‘rinseable’.

However, do not attempt to wash a filter made from HEPA media or carbon.

Filters made with HEPA media and/or carbon are simply shaken to remove dust or vacuumed with a handheld vacuum.

It’s worth noting that these carbon filters aren’t available on all Hoover vacuum cleaners. If your model has a carbon filter, it is typically found on the underside of the HEPA media filter.


  • Switch the power off and unplug the Hoover vacuum.
  • Follow the user manual handbook instructions for your specific Hoover vacuum model to empty it.
  • To remove the rinseable filter, access it and pull on it by the pocket.
  • To remove dirt and debris, place the filter under running water for at least two minutes.
  • While underwater, squeeze the filter two times.
  • Remove from the water and press once more to remove any remaining water.
  • Allow the filter to dry completely before using it again.
  • Make sure the pocket and graphics are facing up while replacing the filter.
  • Next, firmly close the lid by pushing it down until it clicks.

How to clean Hoover vacuum filters made with HEPA media

  • Access the filter’s location and pull the filter frame straight out with your fingers in the slots.
  • Tap dirt and debris out of the filter by holding it over a garbage can. A portable vacuum can also be used to remove the dust and grime from the filter.
  • Slide the Hoover vacuum’s filter back into place once all the dirt and dust have been shaken off.

Note: Under no circumstance should the HEPA filter be rinsed or washed.

How to clean carbon filters

  • Access the carbon filter.
  • Remove it from the Hoover vacuum as directed in the user manual for your specific model.
  • Because it is not supposed to be washed or rinsed, simply shake off its dust into the dust bin.
  • Reinstall it.

4. Valve dial not in mode

If the valve dial on your Hoover vacuum is not in the right mode, it may light up red. The HOSE position is for hose and tool cleaning, while the FLOOR position is for nozzle cleaning of the entire floor.

The red light will come on if the valve dial is in between the two modes; floor and hose mode.


When setting your valve dial to any mode, ensure it clicks into place.

When the valve dial is set to “HOSE,” the Hoover Vacuum should take up debris using the Hose/Tools. To pick up garbage through the floor Nozzle, return the valve dial to the “FLOOR” setting.

5. Incorrect carpet height setting.

The carpet height setting is an often overlooked reason for a red light on a Hoover vacuum. Hoover vacuum cleaners have a knob for carpet adjustment settings. When the Hoover vacuum is on carpet that is longer than the current height setting, it becomes obstructed and begins flashing red.


To change the height setting, turn the knob to the desired height setting and then to the next higher setting if the vacuum is difficult to push on the set height setting.

The following are some of the available height settings on a Hoover vacuum:

  • For floors with no coverings, there is a bare floor setting.
  • For all types of carpets, use the low setting.
  • Higher settings for very deep pile carpets, when a less pushing effort is necessary while cleaning performance is maintained.

Why is my Hoover flashing red and green?

A Hoover vacuum charging indicator light flashes red and green when it is fully charged. During charging, the charging indicator light illuminates red, until charging is complete.

Why is my Hoover flashing red and blue?

A Hoover vacuum indicator flashes red and blue to indicate the battery requires resetting. To reset the Hoover vacuum battery, remove it completely from the cleaner and reinstall it again.

The red and blue colors have different meanings if they are solid or flashing, depending on when the device is charging or in use.

During charging:

  • The Hoover vacuum’s solid red color means that it is charging as it is always present throughout the charging cycle.
  • The solid blue indicates that the Hoover vacuum is fully charged.
  • If it flashes red and blue while charging, it means that the battery is faulty.

When in use:

  • The solid blue color is normal if the battery has more than 5% capacity.
  • The battery capacity has been reduced to less than 5% and has to be charged when the light flashes blue.
  • The device is obstructed or halted if it is flashing red.

How to reset a Hoover vacuum

To reset a Hoover vacuum, gently press the point of a pen or paperclip into the opening marked with a triangle and toggle to the proper setting, which is either brushroll, filter or bag. Then, press and hold the tip into the square-marked opening until the light turns off.

The proper setting for reset is dependent on why you want to reset your Hoover vacuum. For example, if you want to reset your Hoover vacuum because you have replaced the brushroll then toggle to the brushroll setting.

How to reset a Hoover battery

To reset a Hoover vacuum battery, simply access where the battery is located, remove it from the Hoover vacuum and reinstall it again.

How to reset the Hoover vacuum battery on various Hoover vacuum models

  • Model BH55500, open it up and slide it out by pressing the latches to remove the battery.
  • Align the grooves on the battery and slide it in until it clicks into place.
  • To remove the battery from the model BH53420, open it up and slide it out by squeezing the latches.
  • To reinstall it, attach the battery pack to the product’s grooves by aligning the ribs on the battery pack with the grooves on the product. Insert the battery pack until it clicks into place in the Hoover vacuum.

How to turn on a Hoover vacuum

To turn on a Hoover vacuum, plug its power cord into an outlet and press the handle release lever on the power nozzle. The upright posture of the handle will be released, making it easier to push the vacuum cleaner. To start the vacuum cleaner, turn the power switch on the front of the handle to “On.”

All Hoover vacuum models have a power button that can be turned on and off with a single click. The power button is located on the handle at the top front.

However, for the Hoover model FH53000, the ON/OFF pedal is at the bottom close to the tyres.

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