Author – Russell Singleton

Russell Singleton is an Earth Scientist who researches ancient climates including dust migration pathways using geochemistry.


Russell has completed a Bachelor of Science (Environmental and Marine Geoscience) with Class I Honors in Soil Science. He has previously worked as an Environmental scientist at an underground copper mine and at state level Department of Environment and Science.

As part of his doctorate, Russell studies ancient climates with the aim of helping understand the trajectory of past and future environmental change.

He is passionate about all earth processes, and is especially interested in isotope geochemistry, paleohydrology, and ocean and atmospheric connections on a planetary scale.

Air Quality:

Air quality is often overlooked or even ignored by many. However, where we live or work and the air that we are exposed to can play a significant role our health and how we feel each day.

Russell has worked extensively on monitoring and reporting on air quality levels for heavy industries.

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You can read more about Russell’s research on ResearchGate or LinkedIn.