How To Reset A Maxxair Fan – Fan, Vent And Temperature Settings

Maxxair fans have a self-resetting fuse incorporated in the ceiling assembly, on the circuit board. To reset the fan, disconnect its 12V power supply and plug it back in after a few seconds. Turn the fan on and set all the controls up to complete the process.

Maxxair is currently leading the way in the RV vent fans industry. The Maxxfans are popular for their slick design, easy-to-navigate controls, reliability, and lifelong optimal span. Like any other machine, from time to time they may encounter technical problems and need to be reset.

In this article, we discuss the many different models of Maxxair and how to reset them.

Types Of Maxxair Fans

As the Maxxfans do not include an exclusive reset button, the process can vary slightly for each model depending on its features. So, before we delve into the working and reset process of Maxxair fans, here’s a table summarizing all the models (and their specifications) that this guide covers.

Maxxair FansSpecifications
5301K, 6301K
Can function as a vent, fan, or rain protection
Easy installation
Fan acts as an exhaust and helps evacuate odors
Maxxfan PlusTen-speed
Exhaust fan
Both manual and remote control models
Protective lid automatically closes when it rains
Maxxfan Deluxe
5100K, 5101K,
7000K, 7500K
Protective lid automatically closes when it rains, even if fan is off.
Optional remote control feature
Programmable thermostat
Uses minimum power, can run solely on solar all day long.
Maxxfan Low ProfileFour-speed
Tool-free installation
Easy to clean and maintain
Suitable for roof thickness 1″ or thicker
Maxxfan MiniBuilt-in screens for insects, dust, and debris
Protects the room from bugs and rain
Easy to clean
Installs in 14” x 14” opening
Maxxfan Mini PlusSingle-speed exhaust fan
Built-in rain shield and protection from bugs and debris
6” fan blades
Maxxfan DomeExhaust fan for rooftops and sidewall
6” fan blade
Lid lock button
Easy to clean with removable screens
Maxxfan Dome PlusThe only additional feature is white LED lighting

How to reset a Maxxair Fan

The Maxxair fans do not include a reset button, but you can still reset the fan:

Remove and Reapply The Power

To reset a Maxxfan, disconnect it from the battery or shore power and then reconnect it after a few seconds. This will activate the self-resetting fuse located in the ceiling assembly, on the circuit board.

All the settings will have been cleared, and you will need to reselect them, following these steps:

1. Turn On

Once you reconnect the fan, the next step is to turn it on.

  • If you are using a remote control model, you can simply use the remote to turn the fan off.
  • If your fan requires manual controls, locate the keypad on the insect screen and press the “FAN ON” button.

The Maxxfan Deluxe has many sub-categories. Its versions 5301K and 6401K have a separate button to turn the fan on or off. In contrast, a large range of other models like 5100K, 5101K, 6200L, 7500K, 8501K, the intake/exhaust, exhaust only models, etc., come with only one power button that does the task.

Make sure to switch the fan off before disconnecting its power supply from the main outlet to reset the device.

2. Mode Selection

In the ten speed models there are two modes that the fan runs on: auto mode and manual mode.

The primary difference between the auto and the manual mode is that the former enables the thermostat to turn the fan on or off as per the thermostat settings.

Although the fan automatically switches speed in the manual mode as well, it does not switch off regardless of the temperature. When reaching the maximum or the minimum speed limit, the fan registers two quick beeps.

The control keypad includes a “HOLD TO SET” button.

  • Upon pressing the key once for less than 3 seconds, the fan enters the auto mode.
  • The LED illuminates solid green, and the fan gives off three quick beep sounds indicating the auto mode selection.
  • To exit the auto mode, press the power button (on/off key) once.

3. Temperature Settings

The desired temperature can be set when the fan is running on auto mode. After turning the auto mode on, the temperature is by default set to 77°F/25°C.

If you wish to change the set temperature,

  • Press the “HOLD TO SET” key for more than 3 seconds till you hear one long beep. This resets the thermostat to the initial factory set point.
  • Now use the “+ or -” button to set the desired temperature.
  • This setting is confirmed by a single beep sound.

The thermostat gauges the cabin/room temperature and automatically alters the fan speed to maintain the value at the set point.

4. Fan Speed

In the basic models, like 5301K and 6401K, the fan speed ranges between 1 to 4. For these models, the user cannot select a particular speed. The fan continuously cycles from 1 to 4 and back to low speed.

However, the ten-speed models that come with a built-in thermostat let you set the fan speed on manual mode.

  • There are “+” and “-” buttons that help adjust the speed of the fan.

5. Vent Lid Position

You can choose to keep the vent lid opened or closed with the help of the “VENT LID” button. This key is only active in manual mode. When the fan motor is on, you can close the vent lid to make the fan switch to the ceiling mode automatically.

In the basic models (5301K and 6401K) that do not come with a button, you can use the knob to open or close the vent lid.

  • Rotate the knob clockwise to close the lid and anticlockwise to open it.
  • To lock the position of the vent, push the “IN” button.

Vent covers (FANMATE) are optional and are available either directly through Airxcel or via Amazon.

6. Fan Direction

Maxxair allows a user to set the fan’s direction with the help of an “IN/OUT” button.

  • The fan stops for two seconds when the button is pressed once and then positions itself to operate in the opposite direction.

In the auto mode, the fan is set to the exhaust mode until you change it by pressing the key.

The “IN/OUT” key is not present in Maxxair’s exhaust-only models.

Why your Maxxair Fan is Beeping

Maxxair fans beep when the fan is connected to a power supply. Beeping also occurs every time settings are changed on a Maxxfan, and their duration and frequency are specific for each function.

The following points summarize beep sounds and their relation to each control in the Maxxair fans:

  • All Maxxair fans beep when they are connected to a power supply
  • Two quick beeps when the fan hits the maximum or the minimum speed limit in manual mode
  • Three quick beeps when the fan enters auto mode (LED also illuminates solid green)
  • One long beep when the thermostat resets
  • Single beep sound when the temperature is set

Thus, beeping in Maxxair fans is normal. In fact, if the fan does not beep in the above-mentioned situations, especially when connected to the 12V power source, you should check for a possible problem.

However, if the green light starts blinking/flashing and beeping or if it is a solid green and is not responding there may be either a power/battery issue, or a circuit board issue.

  • Ensure the power supplied to the Maxxair fan is correct
  • If necessary, replace the circuit board.

How to Use a Maxxair Fan

To use a Maxxair fan, install the fan in an appropriately sized space. Connect it to a 12V power supply and turn it on. Set the mode, temperature, fan speed, fan direction, intake/exhaust (depending on the model) as per your preference.

The controls of Maxxair fans are generally easy-to-navigate. Both exhaust and intake/exhaust models are available (refer to the table in the post).

Here are some steps explaining the installation and usage of Maxxair fans:

  • Apply sealant within the area you want the fan in. Now fix the four metal poundings on the roof and seal them in place. Slot the fan in place.
  • Connect it to a 12V power supply. Remember that all Maxxair fans need a steady 12V source, or the fan won’t work. A beep sound indicates proper connection.
  • Turn the fan on using the power button.
  • Select the auto mode or leave the fan as is if you want to run it in manual mode.
  • Set the thermostat and fan speed as instructed in the article.
  • Choose if you want to keep the vent opened or closed.
  • Select either the ceiling mode or the exhaust mode (this is only for intake/exhaust models)
  • Whenever the fan starts malfunctioning, try resetting it. To do so, disconnect the power supply and reconnect it after a while. Now set all the controls, and you are good to go.

Plentiful Air has more detailed instructions on how to disassemble and clean each Maxxfan model available here.


This post explains all about Maxxair fans and their work. Knowing how to operate a machine is important to help use it to its maximum potential. Maxxair fans are no exception, and if you own one of them, we hope this write-up answers all your relevant questions regarding resetting the fans and setting up their controls.

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