How To Clean A ThisWorx Car Vacuum – Complete Instructions

To clean a ThisWorx car vacuum, unplug it and detach the transparent container by pressing the button in front of the power switch. Clean the filter with the ThisWorx brush. Rinse the trash container, vacuum pipe, and bristle brush with warm water. Let everything dry and reassemble afterward.

ThisWorx vacuums make a good choice for a light, handheld car vacuum cleaner. If taken care of, they can last for years and are a good investment. As part of its maintenance, a ThisWorx car vacuum has specific cleaning instructions you should follow.

In this post, we explain each step to clean a ThisWorx car vacuum. We also answer some common questions, so read on for some essential knowledge regarding maintenance of your ThisWorx cleaner.

ThisWorx Car Vacuums

ThisWorx vacuums are premium cleaners specially designed for cars. They are handheld and lightweight and, therefore, capable of reaching every small corner of the car.

Following are some of the features of the appliance:

  • 16 ft long power cord
  • 120 V battery
  • 400 motor watt suction
  • Bagless vacuum
  • HEPA filter for 99.9% filtration of particles sized 0.3 microns or more
  • Ergonomic and easily navigable design
  • Handheld

How to clean a ThisWorx Vacuum

As per ThisWorx, here’s how you clean your car vacuum:

1. Unplug the System

For operation, ThisWorx handheld vacuum usually needs to be plugged in a power outlet compatible with its battery.

When cleaning the device, it is important to remember to turn it off and disconnect the plug. Since water is used in the process, it is an important safety measure to always pull the plug beforehand.

2. Clean the Exterior

ThisWorx vacuum cleaners come in a simple yet classy design. The exterior does not have many narrow corners, so not much debris apart from dust accumulates on it.

Simply grab a dry cloth and wipe the dust off the vacuum body.

Follow it with a damp cloth if you notice any hardened stains.

3. Open the Vacuum

Your ThisWorx car cleaning vacuum consists of a transparent front part. This portion contains the filter as well as the container that dust and garbage collect in.

After cleaning the exterior, the next step is to empty it.

To do so, hold the transparent part firmly with one hand. With the other hand, press the button located just in front of the power switch.

Pressing it down will disconnect the front piece.

4. Detach the Filter and Clean It

The filter is attached at the opening of the container. Hold the back end of the filter and force it out.

If you are cleaning the vacuum for the first time, it may be hard for the filter to come off. In this case, firmly hold the back end, and apply pressure in a twisting motion to remove the filter.

ThisWorx provides a special bristle brush to clean the filter.

Usually, the filter only has dust deposits that clear off with the brush.

But in case of heavy-duty debris, wash the filter with low-pressure running warm water after the brushing. Also inspect the filter, and if it looks damaged replace it if need be.

5. Empty the Dust Container

The next step is to empty the dust container, by simply shaking out its contents.

After disposing of the garbage, clean the container using a soft and dry cotton cloth, followed by a wet wipe in case there is a stubborn deposit. Let it dry before placing the filter back in it.

6. Use Vinegar Solution for the Vacuum Pipe

The ThisWorx vacuum pipe attaches at the front end of the cleaner. Pipes are generally hard to clean since a normal-sized cloth cannot efficiently reach all the way in.

To clean the pipe, first, detach it from the vacuum and then insert a dry cloth with the help of a thin pipe or stick.

Next, prepare a diluted vinegar solution with a cup of white vinegar and an equal amount of distilled water. Rinse the pipe by running the solution through it. Let the pipe dry before inserting it back into the vacuum.

7. Clean the Brush

For efficient cleaning, it is imperative to maintain the bristle brush.

Separate the brush from the pipe and remove any hair wraps or large-sized garbage. Next, wash the brush with warm water.

Wipe the plastic part with a dry cloth. Comb through the bristles and leave them to dry.

Since the cleaning quality largely depends on the condition of bristles, replace them if they appear damaged.

Usually, vacuum bristle brushes last up to 12 months. However, this also depends on the use.

8. Reassemble

Once you have finished cleaning, it is time to reassemble the vacuum cleaner. Ensure that everything is completely dry before placing them back.

Take the container and insert the filter. Both the container and the filter have a specific shape, i.e., they are fully circular except for one end that is flat. There are triangular supporting corners in the container that the filter sits on. Push the filter in and position it on the triangular edges.

To attach the transparent trash container with the back end of the vacuum, line the two up so that the slot on the container inserts in the groove present on the underside of the other part of the vacuum.

Once they are in position, press the button in front of the power switch and gently push the container in. You will hear a click sound indicating that the filter is properly in place.

If you want to insert the extension pipe, locate the nozzle in the front end of the vacuum and twist the pipe in. At the other end, insert the pipe-like plastic part of the brush in the pipe.

If you find ThisWorx Car vacuums difficult to clean, Plentiful Air has a guide to vacuums that are easy to clean available here.

How To Empty A ThisWorx Car Vacuum

To empty the ThisWorx car vacuum, press the button in front of the power switch and detach the transparent trash container. After removing the HEPA filter, dispose of the garbage. Clean it with a dry cloth and warm water before placing it back.

ThisWorx car vacuum comes with a strong battery of 120 volts to give you a strong vacuum suction. The suction power of the appliance is around 400 watts, and it efficiently helps remove all the dust, hair wraps, and other trash from every large and small corner of the car.

This debris collects in the transparent container present at the front end of the vacuum. Once it is full, you need to empty the collected garbage in a trash can. To do so, remove the transparent container from the rear end of the vacuum. Press the button in front of the power switch, and the front end will lift off.

There is a HEPA filter attached at the opening of the container that ensures clean air goes out of the vacuum. Apply pressure in twisting motion on the filter to separate it. Turn the container upside down and empty it into a trash bin. Wipe the walls with a dry cloth. Dampen the cloth if there is hardened or sticky debris inside.

When dry, place the filter back inside. Insert the slot at the lower end inside the groove on the vacuum and press the top button again to insert the container back.

How To Remove the Filter From A ThisWorx Car Vacuum

The HEPA filter in ThisWorx car vacuum can be removed by pulling it out of the dust container. Detach the transparent container from the back end of the vacuum. Hold the filter from its rear side and give it a twist to pull it out.

ThisWorx comes with a powerful HEPA filter that, as per the company’s claims, removes 99.9% of particles sized up to 0.3 microns. For cleaning and replacement, you need to know how to detach the HEPA filter from the vacuum.

The filter sits at the opening of the trash container. Press the button on the rear end of the vacuum and remove the container. Now all you need to do is pull the filter out of the trash container. Remember that the filter is sometimes tightly fixed, and if you are removing it for the first time, it may require a little extra force.

If you want to clean the filter, do it using the special brush that comes with the ThisWorx car vacuum set. Follow it with a warm water rinse if need be.

If the filter is damaged, replace it with another replacement HEPA filter that usually comes with the package. Generally, a ThisWorx HEPA filter lasts six months. This also depends on the frequency of use, amount, and type of dirt.


Generic vacuums are not sufficient for cleaning cars. ThisWorx vacuums have the right size and design, offering efficient cleaning of the interior of a car. The powerful suction, along with the HEPA filter, removes dust and other debris from all corners of the car.

For your ThisWorx vacuum to deliver optimal performance, it is crucial to take care of its maintenance. Thus, follow the steps listed in the post and clean the vacuum every two weeks to prolong its optimal lifespan.

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