Afloia Air Purifier Blinking Red – Repair, Care and Maintenance

Afloia air purifiers blink or flash red to indicate the filter needs replacing. The lamp ring illuminates red when air quality is poor and all lights are red when the device is malfunctioning from a technical error. To reset the filter indicator and turn off the flashing red light, replace the air filter and reset the purifier by pressing and holding the Power button for 7 seconds.

Afloia air purifiers, with a 3-stage filtration system, are a brand of advanced, high-quality air purifiers. These purifiers come with a filter and lamp ring light that can illuminate and blink red and it’s important to know how to fix it.

This article will explain why an Afloia air purifier might be blinking red and how to fix it. It also covers what the other lights mean, plus a step-by-step guide on cleaning Afloia air purifiers.

If you have a Colin Afloia air purifier that is blinking YELLOW, click here.

Why Your Afloia Air Purifier Is Blinking Red

A flashing red light in all Afloia air purifiers indicates that the air filter needs to be replaced. Typically, in these air purifiers, the red light turns on and flashes after a total run time of 2200 hours. Simply serving as a reminder to change your filter.

If all of the icons on your device begin to blink red, this means that a technical error has occurred, and you must contact customer support.


To fix the blinking red light:

  • Replace the air filter
  • Reset the machine

The filters are easy to replace and readily available from the Afloia store on Amazon.

How to Replace the Air Filter in Afloia Air Purifiers

Always replace your filter as soon as the filter indicator light turns on, and flashes red. Not changing the filter on time, results in substandard air purification, effectively negating the purpose of using an air purifier.

Replacing the Air Filter in Halo, Fillo, Miro, Gala, and Zoro Afloia Air Purifiers

The Halo, Fillo, Miro, Gala, and Zoro Afloia air purifiers come with a rotatable base. To replace the air filter in these air purifiers:

  • Turn off the air purifier and unplug it.
  • Disassemble the unit to remove the filter.
  • These air purifiers have a rotatable body; so to open the purifier, invert the machine and rotate the base in the direction of the ‘OPEN’ sign and access the filter.
  • Remove the filter from the machine.
  • Remove the packaging of the new filter. Please use the filters specified for Afloia air purifiers only.
  • Install the new filter into the base.
  • Install the base into the main unit, rotate it, and tightly close along the direction marked ‘CLOSE.’
  • Reset the machine.

Replacing the Air Filter in Max, Kilo, and Mage Air Purifiers

The Max, Kilo, and Mage Afloia air purifiers have filters on the rear side. To replace the filter in these models:

  • Locate the switch on the back and press it to remove the back cover. Once you take this lid off, you’ll be able to see the air filter.
  • Take out the filter from the unit.
  • Remove the packaging of the new filter. Please use only the filters specifically designed for Afloia air purifiers.
  • Put the new filter into the designated place at the unit’s rear.
  • Insert the back cover and press the switch to close it properly.
  • Reset the machine.

How to Reset an Afloia Air Purifier

The red light on Afloia air purifiers turns on as an alarm to remind you to replace the filter when it has reached its purifying limit.

For all models except Halo and Navigator, the power indicator flashes red as the filter replacement reminder. On the Halo and Navigator air purifiers, the lamp ring flashes red. If you can’t replace the filter immediately, a quick fix to get rid of the annoying red light is to reset the unit – but then you must remember to replace your filter.

To reset the Afloia air purifiers:

  • Press the Power button (Filter button in Max air purifiers).
  • Hold for 7 seconds and release.
  • This will reset your air purifier.

Location of Reset Buttons on Afloia Air Purifiers

Model(s) Reset Button
Halo, Fillo, Kilo, Kilo Pro, Gala POWER button between WIND SPEED button and TIMER button
Max FILTER button with a sign of mesh screen at the lower side of digital display
Miro, Miro ProPOWER button, the first button at the top of the digital control panel
MagePOWER button between FAN and LED night light button
NavigatorPOWER button, the ring in the centre of the control ball at the top
ZoroPOWER button, the central button between the eyes
Q10PURIFICATION button, the air purify (power) button at the top left
DemiPOWER button, the on/off button at the top

What the Red Light (Solid and Flashing) on your Afloia Means

The solid red light in the lamp ring indicates a peak of air pollutants in the atmosphere, while the flashing red light is a warning to replace the air filter.

It turns on only when your air purifier’s filter has reached its maximum capacity (~2200 hours) and needs replacing.

What the Orange Light on your Afloia Air Purifier Means

The orange light on an Afloia air purifier means that the air quality is poor, and the fan needs to be turned on. This will quickly clean the air and reduce contaminants to a normal level. The air purifier can automatically adjust the fan speed when operating in auto mode.

What the Yellow Blinking Light on your Afloia Air Purifier Means

The Colin Afloia air purifier has an indicator light that flashes yellow when the service life of the air filter has reached 0%. Once the filter has been replaced, and you have plugged it back in and pressed the power button the filter service life should read 100%.

How to Clean an Afloia Air Purifier

To clean the Afloia air purifier, you need to follow these steps:

  • Wear a mask and gloves, if possible.
  • Turn off the machine and unplug it.
  • Take out the filter by removing the plastic cover, and vacuum clean the inner side.
  • Clean the cover using a dry cloth. Do not wash or vacuum clean the filter; just wipe away the dust on its surface with a soft dry cloth. Please sterilize the air filter under sunlight every two weeks.
  • Replace the filter, if required.
  • Clean the surface of your air purifier with a soft cloth and a neutral detergent that is free of bleach, alcohol, flammable or corrosive agents.
  • Remove the dust and debris from the air inlet/outlet and surface of the unit. Make sure that no water spills in or around the machine.
  • Using a damp/wet cloth, remove the cleanser from surface of the unit.
  • Air-dry the unit by placing it in a cool place.
  • Replace the filter if required and insert everything back.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should an Afloia Filter be Changed?

Afloia air purifier filters should be changed every 3 to 6 months. The time can vary depending upon the hours of use and air quality. However, Afloia recommends replacing the air filter after 2200 hours of operation.

Can I Leave my Air Purifier on for All Day?

An air purifier can operate all day. Leaving an air purifier on continuously gives better air quality results than running it for a few hours. However, Afloia recommends turning on the air purifier for 4-5 hours every day can successfully minimize the product’s overall running cost, while keeping the air clean.

For the pros and cons of leaving an air purifier on overnight, check out this detailed post.

Why is my Air Purifier Making Noise?

An air purifier can make noise if debris or dust build-up has become lodged in the air outlet, filter or housing area. A tilted machine, clogged filter, or dusty ionizer pins can also cause an air purifier to generate excessive noise.

Placing the air purifier on a flat surface and setting the fan speed to low, in addition to regular cleaning, can reduce the noise level.

Like all air purifiers, Afloia units can begin to make noise – For all the reasons why your air purifier is making noise and how to fix them read this post.


Alfoia air purifiers are efficient air purifiers with high-quality filters and minimalist designs. They can seamlessly remove the air pollutants, making it healthy to breathe. However, regular maintenance of these air purifiers is very important, particularly cleaning and replacing the air filter every three to six months. If the red light starts blinking, replace and reset the air filter.

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